North Carolina Classics

Author: Carole Marsh
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Do you dream of buried treasure? Well, most pirates never had a chance to
safekeep their booty in this way. Usually the plunder was taken into a port and
sold-and at very cheap prices. Then the pirates received only a small portion of
the divided goods. They usually immediately went into town to spend it all on
eating, drinking, and being merry. There was little left to save or bury -- and why
bother when you never knew if you would live to enjoy it, or return to find it! as a
treasure map, ...

The State Records Of North Carolina

Author: North Carolina
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North Carolina. the best I could ; when we arrived to the place where was the fire,
I was surprised to see the whole populace of Catechna where I had been a
prisoner with their movables and some provisions. Place where, on my return to
Catechna, I found all the women & children entrenched for safety's sake. ...
Seeing that the Indians were too strong, they took flight and went home; the
Indians went after them, but without doing them much harm ; they only caught
some little booty.

The Consequences Of Touching A Little Teenage Booty

Author: Philip Stansberry
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BOOTY minority females were elected to seats on the company's board of
directors. My dad, due to his new position, was then assigned to the First Alliance
National Bank's Southeastern Division. It was based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
The drive placed him less than thirty minutes from Reidsville. And though it was
meant solely as a public relations move, my dad utilized his new power to take
calculated risks, which notably improved the company's bottom line. He created
additional ...

Reports Of Cases Adjudged In The District Court Of South Carolina 1792 1809

Author: Thomas Bee
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District Court (South Carolina), Francis Hopkinson, Pennsylvania. Court of
Admiralty, South Carolina. Court of Admiralty, United States. ... In the one, the
prize was a wreck, stranded on the shore, and great part of the booty was taken"
on shore by the crews of vessels not commissioned: in the other, a vessel without
a commission, took a prize, and carried her into a foreign port, where the captor
sold her, and converted the money to his own use. In both cases, the booty was
taken by ...

Booty Call

Author: Sha Jackson
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We just loved to dance and the Carolina West was the place to go if you wanted
to party and get your dance on. We went to other clubs from time to time but my
favorite was the “Carolina West”. Mr. “D” and I dated for a while. He was a dope
dealer and he lived across town. He sold weed and made a lot of money doing it.
He didn't have a regular job. It was strange too because he didn't have a car. He
was always borrowing somebody's car. So we hooked up and became a pair.
What I ...

The History Of South Carolina

Author: William Gilmore Simms
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... and intercepted the escort with the wagons and stores. On hearing of the
defeat of Gates, Sumter began his retreat up the south side of the Wateree. He
was pursued by Tarleton, with his legion and a detachment of infantry. - The
movements of Sumter were necessarily and greatly impeded by his captives. He
had with him forty baggage. wagons,. filled. with. booty. of. the. very. kind. that.
the. Americans. were most in need of. He was encumbered also by three
hundred prisoners ...

The Sea Dogs Finally Get Some Booty

Author: Thomas Owens
Publisher: iUniverse
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We served together in the Navy on board the USS Grayling, an Attack Submarine
, which was stationed in Charleston South Carolina. We were very close, but
when our tour of duty ended, we both kind of went our separate ways. Now, some
eighteen years later, I run into him on a dive trip. We reminisced dockside, I found
out that he was now living in Aiken South Carolina, and had remarried for the
fourth time to a lovely gal named Dawn. Who, as Ray described, as a six—foot
tall red ...

North Carolina

Author: William A. Link
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Meanwhile, out of desperation, white North Carolinians appealed for aid from
Virginia and South Carolina. While the Virginians reacted equivocally and slowly,
South Carolina responded by appropriating £4,000 and raising a relief
expedition under the command of Colonel John Barnwell, which was composed
of some 500 Indians and 30 whites. Barnwell and his expedition wanted booty:
Indian allies were promised cash and captives whom they could sell as slaves.
Arriving in North ...

The North Carolina Continentals

Author: Hugh F. Rankin
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469621576
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That he did this, as a favour to the troops; but did not mean to force any of them to
acquire booty; for volunteers only were to undertake that expedition.” Soon after
Lee marched with 1,500 men, but without a single artillery piece or even a
medicine chest, to join the large body of militia stationed in the vicinity of Port
Royal. When the British sailed away, Howe was left in the area to straighten the “
Damnable Hobble” of the “Hotch Potch Camp” of the troops stationed there. Lee
himself ...

Carolina Blues

Author: Virginia Kantra
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101637153
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Hard to booty text without a number.” “Booty text,”he repeated slowly. “Or
bootycall. Whatever.” She didn't sound mad.Although with women, you never
knew. Jack frowned. Shewasn't a bootycall tohim. Shewas ... He covered his.She
looked up bothher busy handswith oneof in surprise,glowing and exotic in the
setting sun, the tiny jewel winking. He leaned forward andkissed her, long
andsoft and slow,untilher eyelids flutteredclosed andher hands flexed under his.
He raised hishead.