A Reasoned Response

Author: Pachydermous Bird
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- With such a masterpiece of political thought before us, how can one possibly give the reasoned response it requires? This book makes that attempt.


Author: Dave Hunt
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George Campbell

Author: Arthur E. Walzer
Publisher: SUNY Press
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Equally important as the relatively minor differences between external and
internal senses is the significant difference between a sensory response (
whether internal or external) and a reasoned response of judgment. "The powers
of the mind" can "be reduced into classes, according to their real differences," a
fact of "real moment," notes Gerard (footnote, p. 145). The pleasure that
constitutes our response to beautiful forms, is "prior to our analyzing them or
discovering by reason that ...

European Labour Law

Author: Brian Bercusson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This 'reasoned response' is not an explanation for management's decision; this
has not yet been taken. Rather, it is the employer's response to the opinion of the
employees' representatives on the employer's proposals. If that opinion puts
forward options, the employer needs to respond to them and justify any rejection
of these options. The method of consultation envisages a pro-active approach by
employees' representatives; not only to react to the employer's proposals, but to ...

Virtues In Action

Author: M. Austin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137280298
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laden automatic responses can diverge, and that given certain dilemmatic
situations, they typically will diverge. Deontologists and consequentialists may
not be ready to dispense with the automatic process altogether, but they do
characterize these responses as irrational, and emphasize that they cannot justify
– i.e. provide a reason for – an action. While deontologists and consequentialists
typically differ on what they take the correct reasoned judgment to be, they agree
that ...

History Will Prove Us Right Inside The Warren Commission Report On The Assassination Of John F Kennedy

Author: Howard P. Willens
Publisher: The Overlook Press
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The four areas covered were (1) protective research, (2) liaison activities, (3)
particular protective measures, and (4) supervision of the Secret Service. Rankin
told the Secret Service: “Although some of the questions are, in form, susceptible
of a single affirmative or negative response, the commission would appreciate
instead a reasoned response to each question, in reasonable detail and with any
substantiating materials as seem appropriate.” We expected Treasury would
continue ...

Monitoring Fundamental Rights In The Eu

Author: Philip Alston
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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The ensuing 'opinion' is not the end of the process, but only its beginning; it
requires a reasoned response by the employer, which is only another element in
the process of consultation 'with a view to reaching an agreement.' e. Summary.
To summarise: the procedure envisaged for mainstreaming fundamental rights of
workers incorporates the following nine sequential stages derived from the
information and consultation process established in EU labour law and
proclaimed as a ...

The Vampire Survival Bible Identifying Avoiding Repelling And Destroying The Undead Volume 2

Author: Mark Stephen Penke
Publisher: Lulu.com
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Raonal and Responsible Response At other mes, when confronted with the
threat of the Undead, individuals and even large groups of people have
developed a raonal and reasoned response to the Vampire by applying their
collecve knowledge to the problem, and taking appropriate precauons. Some
people have resisted going out at night, or taken to traveling in groups. These
people have prop- erly armed themselves, and taken the necessary steps to forfy
their homes.

Reasonable Responses

Author: Catherine E. Hundleby
Publisher: University of Windsor
ISBN: 0920233759
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Students in such a position may need options such as private discussions
outside class, or freedom to leave the room before discussion begins. The overall
problem of choosing inclusive examples can seem to be an insurmountable
obstacle to teaching: how could we possibly teach reasoning in a way which is
individualized to each of our student's needs? Can we be ethically obliged to limit
our discussion topics to those that will not trigger individual distress? Is that even

Practice Under The California Environmental Quality Act 2d

Author: Ann H. Davis
Publisher: CEB
ISBN: 0762625090
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If the final EIR fails to provide a reasoned response to such criticisms, the EIR can
be found legally inadequate. See, e.g., Flanders Found. v City of Carmel-by-the-
Sea (2012) 202 CA4th 603, 616; California Oak Found. v City of Santa Clarita (
2005) 133 CA4th 1219. See also Vineyard Area Citizens for Responsible Growth
v City of Rancho Cordova (2007) 40 C4th 412,449. Adequate responses to
comments on the draft EIR are of particular importance when significant
environmental ...