A Comprehensive Dictionary Of The English Language

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sEs'a-me [ses'a-mc, K. Sm. ; seVani, W b. ; se"'- s^iii, H.], n. ... sEs/sil.E, a. (Bot.)
Seated closo to the stem. afis'ftlQN (sSsh'yn), Act of Kitting ; act or time of sitting of
a court, council, legislature, Ace. ... Jtc, below the horizon : — enclosur of a gem.

Dictionary Of European Proverbs

Author: Emanuel Strauss
Publisher: Routledge
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... Latin: French: Italian: c) qui voit ses veines, voit ses d) vieillesse, tristesse a) en
casa vieja se vuelve b) la propia vejez ... alt sein keiner b) alt will gern jeder
werden; alt sein mag niemand auf Erden c) es ist niemand gem alt, und doch will

Combined Statement Of Receipts Outlays And Balances Of The United States Government Fiscal Year 2010

Author: Treasury Dept (U S. ).
Publisher: Government Printing Office
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... 97 eeese Agric-le-el -ses, sses- e Agec-leee 1 1 9 eeese Ae -R-- 18esease, si-
es-y sssvsies sss ee-se 18eil --gems e4 ... legeee- Agscis 721 16ass---e- ea-es
Friseeis 18s-ese, legeee- Agesis 722 16si- 16ems Lqe-se B-sch 44 cusc-l Bese ...

A Manual Of English Pronunciation And Spelling

Author: Richard Soule
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Ce en-ty [so Sm. Wb. Gd. ; .ves'z'-ty, Wk. ; ses'1'-ty, or se's1'-ty, Wr. 155.] Ce'dar,
n. a. ... 1v Cel'es-tlne [:80 Wr. b. Gd.; se~ ... [se1n'ent, \Vr. Wb. Gd. ; sequent', Sm. ;
se'mcnt, Wk. 155.] Ce-ment', v. Gem-en-ta'tion. Ce-ment'n~to-ry. Ce-ment'ed.

Thesaurus Syriacus

Author: R. Payne Smith
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1556355734
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j .se.sl, BS. ap. BB. Vox corrupta ex άoreus, fut. v. άθέω. es6? exponit Sergius
apud BB. J-l .\.s, & Ses-* so, JaS. .V £v.le se o. ... Corrige igitur \eeiss-es)
öoTpaxov. veslissé' άστpakov, opus figlinum, figlinum, testa, — ;> ·1e;- , B B. -
13sisse37 see. BB. ... 8^P*, et gem. pxopax exstent im sensu substantiae, opum.
A-:}3$? , K.

The Legal Intelligencer

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... cross: is. sex. Gem-g“ mum ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. ... Pollock, Harrisburg, Pa
. july 3-1y Franklin B. Levis, 'TIOBIEY AT LAW, NOTARY PUBLIC, MASTER AND
SOLICITOR IN CBANCEBY. .... 114 South Third St. Edward Shippen, S. E. cor.


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Quoi qu ' il en soit , les trois termes se retrouvent souvent dans le corps de l '
ouvrage , notamment dans le dernier chapitre , le plus ... On y parera grâce à la
conscience de ses négligences et des bienfaits divins , qui engendrera tristesse
et gratitude° . Inspiré par la foi , la crainte * et l ' espérance18 , le progrès spirituel
du Commun - des - Gems se fera dans le sens du ... ( 3 ) § 131 b . ( 4 ) § 31 c . 32
b . ( 5 ) § 36 b , 30 c , 33 b . ( 6 ) § 53 b . ( 7 ) § 40 b , 30 c , 33 b . ( 8 ) § 30 c , 32 b

A Dictionary Of The Anglo Saxon Language

Author: Joseph Bosworth
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"Ses, es; f. a rock, stone; rupes, id. 5430. **Setl-rad, e ; f, a setting, ... R Side, an; f.
silk, Th. An: side-fulnys, se ; f. pudicitia, Mone B. 1719. fathomed or bosomed,
Beo. K. 602. -feax with ... Runes suhil, sugil, sigil the sun : Moes. sauil the sun] 1.
the sun, sol; 2. what glitters, a jewel, gem, ornament; monile, etc. * "sigel-hwerfa ...

Bi Ulleten

Author: Astronomicheskie instituty Chekhoslovakii
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Let us consider, for example, one of the more significant differences between
PGS-S 4 and GEM 10C, that at m = 13, q = 0 for / = 80-105°, which is about 6 x ...
2.1,, Figs la, b), we can be nearly sure that some of the SE 6 R, 15 (/ odd)
are incorrect. ... GEM 10C as well as the SEs do not contain the deep resonant
information, but some common orbits appear in these models and, therefore,
these ...