Daggers Unsheathed

Author: Judi Tyabji Wilson
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co
ISBN: 9781894384476
Size: 14.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Daggers Unsheathed: The Political Assassination of Glen Clark is the story of the Glen Clark era in British Columbia politics.

The Last Field Of Honor

Author: J. L. Ficks
Publisher: Mirror Images Publishing
Size: 55.67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Other fire warriors unleashed powerful army. conflagrations thattore through
Sadora's scattered Lord Sadora unsheatheda daggerandthrew it atanother
waveof fire warriors,butit passedstraight through. He unsheathed more daggers,
ignoringhis axes,and threw theminembittered aggravation. 'How did that mirage
harm usifit is onlyan illusion?'he wondered. 'This mustbe some trickof the Fata'
morgana!' hewas certain, 'Which means the Fata'morgana canharm myarmy, but
wecanstrike ...

Well Of Sins

Author: Richard King
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493162934
Size: 72.81 MB
Format: PDF
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“Is it true that that is one of Ibn's daggers?” he asked, pointing to the dagger at her
back. “It is,” she responded simply. This attracted the attention of several of her
other young cousins, and they all crowded around her as she unsheathed the
blade. “We've never seen one before,” one boy breathed. “We thought they were
just a myth,” a girl said. “Weren't there two?” asked another boy, clearly skeptical.
“The other belonged to my great-aunt and awaits me in Samaria,” Jezebel

Canadian Book Review Annual

Author: Joyce M. Wilson
ISBN: 9780968242193
Size: 36.57 MB
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Daggers Unsheathed : The Political Assassination of Glen Clark. Surrey:
Heritage House Publishing, 2002. 335p. photos. biblio. index. $32.95. ISBN 1 -
894384-47- 4. CCIP. DDC 971.1'04'092. Judy Tyabji Wilson, a former British
Columbia MLA and wife ofNDP insider Gordon Wilson, is wel 1 positioned to
write about what she characterizes as the po I itical assassination of former
premier Glen Clark. In Daggers Unsheathed, she endeavors to explain how Clark
went from being the ...

Well Of Sins Book Two Of Humility Pride

Author: Richard King
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469153637
Size: 72.40 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“No doubt Joshua heard your horn and will be arriving shortly to see what is the
matter,” Ibn said as he unsheathed the daggers. “Ride ahead now and warn the
others.” Micah looked fIabbergasted. “But I—” “Go!” Ibn commanded as he moved
to face the oncoming enemy. >l<>l<>l<>l<>l<>l<>l< Joshua was leading his own
small group to join the others. He was mentally preparing the next day's training
exercises when the sound of Micah's horn echoed from ahead. Knowing the boy

Star Trek Mirror Universe The Sorrows Of Empire

Author: David Mack
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439166757
Size: 79.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“Without your unwitting complicity, I would have been hard-pressed to ascertain
the specific time and place of this assassination attempt arranged by your father.”
Decker smiled sadly. “You know I had no choice, right?” “One always has a
choice,” said Spock. “Even refusing to decide is still a choice. And choices have
consequences.” Saavik stood and walked slowly toward Decker. Xon followed a
step behind her. Both unsheathed their daggers. Not content to let himself be
murdered ...

All Night Awake

Author: Sarah A. Hoyt
ISBN: 9780441011124
Size: 52.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Will stares in horror as the two men beside him advance toward the Queen,
daggers unsheathed. Marlowe steps forward, toward the Queen, in a slow walk,
like an ill- controlled puppet. For the oddest moment, for no more than a breath,
Will wished to kill the Queen. It was the voice of the elf, and whatever magical
compulsion he'd thrown from his lifted hand. But Will had been bespelled before,
and had endured the spells and lived through them. Will was a Sunday child,
who saw the ...

Passage To Stomio

Author: Rachel Econ
Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.
ISBN: 1604941456
Size: 55.76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The small group of Vampires unsheathed their blood red daggers and charged
Atlas. Atlas blocked their stabbing motions easily. Trip stabbed Atlas six times in
the arm; Otto got him in the back twice. Thresi watched as blood covered Atlas'
clothes. Thresi immediately unsheathed her sword and attacked Somari. Somari
took quick jabs at Thresi, but Thresi didn't let them pass the impenetrable barrier
that she made with her sword. She disarmed Somari with a swift movement and ...


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And there was the courage of some, clear like the dawn, Leocritus and Evander
with their daggers unsheathed against the archers; who struck them, who drew
their short swords, who turned on the others like desperate wolves. Phemius
sang and wept, and mixed with the verses a flood of tears when those two were
laid low. After them, the massacre was almost over. But here he noticed the old
men — Pisander, Leodes, Ctesippus, surrounded on all sides by death yet so far
unharmed ...


Author: Stephen Spender
Size: 79.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Of Zeus the Father we know the justice" he began, his voice weak with the horror
of the unclean trap, for those innocent men, for Megippus, the youngest, a boy,
who before his eyes had reached one of the doors and slammed against it, and
stayed there, nailed to it, where a bronze spear had pierced him with terrible
force between the shoulder blades. And there was the courage of some, cleax
like the dawn, Leocritus and Evander with their daggers unsheathed against the
archers; ...