A Historical And Economic Geography Of Ottoman Greece

Author: Fariba Zarinebaf
Publisher: ASCSA
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For the Morea, the earliest tapu tahrir defter dates to the reign of Mehmed II (15th
century) and the latest to the 18th century (a.h. 1138/a.d. 1725).4 There are
approximately 24 tapu tahrir defters for the Morea in the Baflbakanlık Archives.5
Sixteen are of special interest and were examined in detail, though not all of them
contain information specific to Anavarin: 1. TT10 (Mehmed II; second half of the
15th century). Maliye (Finance Bureau). 191 pp. Mufassal defter. Includes the
districts ...

Dervishes And Islam In Bosnia

Author: Ines Aščerić-Todd
Publisher: BRILL
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Unpublished Primary Sources Detailed defter of the province of Vučitrn (Vilayet-i
Vılk) from 1455, boa, Istanbul, Tapu Tahrir defter No. 2m. Undated summary
defter of the Vučitrn sancak (2nd half of 15th c.), boa, Istanbul, Tapu Tahrir defter
No. 11. Summary defter of the Bosnian sancak from 26 January 1468 to 12 May
1469, Belediye Kütüphanesi, Istanbul, Mualim Cevdet Yazmaları, Tapu defter No.
0–76. Summary defter of timars in the sancak of Vučitrn and those belonging to
the ...

The Long Peace

Author: Engin Akarli
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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See YEE: 35/439/122/105, defter 1, pp. 1-2, 7 L 1300 (Aug. 1883), and defter 2,
pp. 5-7, 10 R 1302 (Jan. 1885). 58. YEE: 35/439/122/105, defter 1, p. 12, 12 N
1303 (June 1886). 59. Same file, defter 1, pp. 12, 30-31, 40-41, 49, 51-52, and 57
-58, 12 N 1303, 22 N 1304, 27 M 1305, 18 N 1305, 12-26 Z 1305 and 6 Ca 1306
(June 1886-Jan. 1889); and defter 2, pp. 30, 33, and 35, 25 R 1305, 12-26 Z
1305, and 6 Ca 1306 (Jan. 1888-Jan. 1889). In a letter dated 8 N 1304 (May
1887) (in ...

Ottoman Tributes In Hungary

Author: Gustav Bayerle
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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Salim Han, al-muzaifar da'ima.1 [3] Defter-i icmal-i liva-i Novigrad. Hassaha-i
cedid-i Padisah-i alempenah, hulladat hilafatuhu va uyyidat davlatuhufi Varos-i
Nad' Oros Faluya, tabi-i Novigrad ................... .. 37,500 Mezraa-i Yas Telek, nezd-i
varos-i rn. ............................ .. 500 Yekfin 38,000 Hassaha-i Hasan Bey, mirliva-i
Novigrad. Nahiye-i Novigrad. Mahsul-i parkan-i Novigrad an bac-i pazar ve resm-
i ...

Amid Diyarbak R

Author: M. Mehdi İlhan
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Diyarbakır (Turkey); archives; history; sources.

Women In The Ottoman Balkans

Author: Amila Buturovic
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
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These queries themselves show that the topic studied here can be addressed
only from the starting point we have at our disposal, and which, by this mere fact,
can provide only partial clues to the subject at hand. Our approach is as justified
as the point of reference is reliable. Our point of reference is Opsirni popis
Bosanskog sandzaka iz 1604. godine [Comprehensive register of the Bosnian
SancaklSanjak of 1604] (2000), which is a translation into Bosnian of the Defter-i
Mufassal-i ...

An Introduction To Religious Foundations In The Ottoman Empire

Author: John Robert Barnes
Publisher: Brill Archive
ISBN: 9789004072893
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... the livas by the defter-i hakani officials, and in the kazas by the tapu katibleri,
and regulations will be observed and enacted according to the procedure that
has been in force as formerly for arazi-i miriye and for evkaf.138 Further
indication that evkaf affairs in the provinces were to be conducted by defter-i
hakani officials is indicated by the following article of the talimatname: Since the
salaried scribes who accompany the defter-i hakani officials would only be
sufficient for the business ...

Ottoman Turkish And A Atay Mss In Canada

Author: Eleazar Birnbaum
Publisher: BRILL
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Defter 2 begins (f. 145b) 2 AU. × −19.- : * > <-le."<!--a e-'g') & eex-ex: -'l'-." ~ 0.4 &
2 - V - 5 J, 5'--> --> &#s's exact 29, &#143-1 Defter 2 ends (f. 178b) &A'. --> *, *, *, *
, *g, * * * * -ul Defter 2, which is in the same hand as Defter 1, does not name the
copyist, but gives the date of completion: 2 24: J- U:\ (x J.-A - "A J. ...Ale- > U- 4-(=
June 13, 1553). Since all educated Ottomans were expected to be well
acquainted with Persian and Arabic, which would also allow them to enrich their
Turkish ...

Cities And Saints Sufism And The Transformation Of Urban Space In Medieval Anatolia

Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271048239
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17- Dervish lodges did not require positions like I mudarris or faqTh, which were
filled bv individuals trained in Islamic sciences through a madrasa education.
Furthermore, Anatolian waqfiyas often state that qadis (religious judges) were to
step in and control the foundation only when a family died out and no relative
remained to oversee the endowment. 18. See Yakup Pasha Evkaf, defter 608, no.
23, VGM, and Muhiddin bini Abdullah Evkaf. defter 60S, no. 63, VGM. 19. Many of
these ...