Ever My Love

Author: Lynn Kurland
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698404351
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Someone has started to notice Nathaniel’s travels and now, no time period is safe, for him or for Emma. From the Paperback edition.


Author: Prudence MacLeod
Publisher: Shadoe Publishing
ISBN: 1539818004
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Prudence MacLeod. “It will make this a lot easier, sir, if we both know what we are
talking about and fully understand the relationships,” replied Angela. “Calan and I
are very close and I'm fully aware of the family history; all of it, but I'm not so sure
of what Stephen has told you about me, or my ... “Just how do you come to know
so much of my family's business, and why you would presume to interfere in it? ...
“Ah, Calan my love,” laughed Angela, “star six-nine is a wonderful tool.

Good Words Ed By N Macleod

Author: Norman Macleod
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Norman Macleod. a sweet rosy-faced Gertrude, with long fair ringlets, who I was
often fortunate enough to secure as my partner at the dancing academy which we
both attended. To her I devoted myself for months, hoarding up my pocket-money
to purchase a magni- licent valentine, and coaxing small dainties from my mother
every Thursday to take as an offering to my little fairy, whose graceful movements
and soft, pretty ways, — so different from anything I had ever Eeen in my sisters ...

Mcleod Family History

Author: William Allan MacLeod
Publisher: Langley, BC : The Author
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The Story of the McLeod Family from Galloway, Scotland from 1770 to 2001
William Allan MacLeod. Give my love to father and Elian and tell them they don't
know how I prises their pictures, but not to let Robinson take another for them. I
will write to them soon. Give my love to all enquiring friends, for I cannot wait to
mention them all, for Philip has got the tea ready and I wont go to church tonight.
So accept the love of your ever affectionate brother and sister, Philip and Sarah
Doyle ...

The Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries

Author: W.Y. Evans Wentz
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 1148927999
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the old man, and said that She had it in her'powe'r to keep him in the hillock for
ever. ... She could remember hearing her father tell how he, when a herdboy, had
heard the fairies singing a “waulking” song in Dun-Osdale, an ancient and ruined
round tower in the parish of Dizirinish, and not far from Heléval mhor (great) and
Heléval bheag (less)—two hills occasionally alluded to as “ Macleod's Tables ”. ...
Cows of Colin of my love, Cows of Colin of my heart, In colour of the heather-hen.

Chase Family Series The Complete Jewels Flowers Collection A 9 Book Historical Romance Boxed Set

Author: Lauren Royal
Publisher: Novelty Publishing
ISBN: 1634690117
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MacLeod shuffled pages, then cleared his throat. “'I am sorely sorry ... “Now,
having attained the advanced age of twenty-two, I imagine I'm a confirmed
spinster—” “'As you're twenty-one already,'” MacLeod rushed to continue, “'I find
myself concerned for your future. In addition, I ... Caithren, my love, you cannot
but admit to a certain streak of stubbornness and independence, and bearing
such, have left me no other avenue to make certain your dear mother's wishes
are granted. I know ...

Memoir Of Norman Macleod

Author: Donald Macleod
Publisher: London, Daldy, Isbister
Size: 71.73 MB
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Among the outward circumstances which, as I have said, combine to make up
this outward call, may be mentioned bodily health, the likings of friends, interest
of the family, means of usefulness, &c. , " But there is also the inward call to be
considered. ... My love to it is daily increasing. I bless and praise God that He has
called me to it. Would only I were worthier of the glory and dignity which belong to
it ! I find in it work most congenial to my whole being. It at once nourishes and
gives full ...

George Macleod

Author: Ron Ferguson
Publisher: Wild Goose Publications
ISBN: 1849521077
Size: 40.86 MB
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After I became leader of the Iona Community, I learned to love the man. Latterly, I
have been close to him at vulnerable points in his ... At the same time, I
recognised early on that I would have to resist his powerful embrace ifI was to
remain my own man: from then on we understood each other and got on well.
Admiration need not dull one's critical faculties, and this ... George MacLeod and
his family have never wished it otherwise. Although Ihave been given
unrestricted access to all ...

Memoir Of Norman Macleod D D Minister Of Barony Parish Glasgow

Author: Donald Macleod
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Among the outward circumstances which, as I have said, combine to make up
this outward call, may be mentioned bodily health, the likings of friends, interest
of the family, means of usefulness, 'fec. " But there is also the inward call to be
considered. By this ... It enables me to bring to bear all I know, / all I acquire, all I
love, upon the temporal and eternal well-being of my fellow-men, and to
influence their peace and good for ever. It brings me into contact with high and
low, rich and poor, ...

Patience My Dear

Author: Bower Lewis
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476793433
Size: 72.59 MB
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I'd like to acknowledge my parents, Robert and Judith Munro, with profound love
and gratitude, and with apologies for the language in this book (and for my
adolescence). Also, John Munro, Hilary McLeod, Alan McLeod, Heather Danskin,
Ian Danskin, and the ever-indomitable Amelia and Evelyn McLeod. And my aunt,
Penelope MacNaughton, who helped me come into my own. Thanks also to
Winifred Lyons and Richard Pettengill, Lucy Lyons, my whole, huge Lyons family,
Gillian ...