Hemingway Didn T Say That

Author: Garson O'Toole
Publisher: Little a
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Garson O'Toole--the Internet's foremost investigator into the dubious origins of our most repeated quotations, aphorisms, and everyday sayings--collects his efforts into a first-ever encyclopedia of corrective popular history.

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The Art Of Connection

Author: Michael J. Gelb
Publisher: New World Library
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Michel de Montaigne may be reviled by high-school students for popularizing the
essay as a literary form, but his quote about quoting is a perfect expression of my
criteria for including the words and wisdom of others in this book. I use quotes ...
to the original source, I relied on Kristen Cashman, the brilliant managing editor
of New World Library, and Garson O'Toole, a.k.a. the Quote Investigator, author of
Hemingway Didn't Say That: The Truth Behind Familiar Quotations. Website links

The Hemingway Short Story

Author: George Monteiro
Publisher: McFarland
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21 Interestingly, the phrase “winner take nothing,” a play on the familiar phrase “
winner take all,” was in use well before Hemingway thought it up. In 1930, for
example, John Kieran, a sports columnist for the New York Times, wrote a piece
entitled “A Wicked Sham Report on Sports,” in which he quoted a fictitious “
Tammany Young,” a member of the equally fictitious “Wicked Sham Committee
on Sports,” who says, knowing, of course, that he cannot win: “I herewith
challenge Jack ...

A Fair Day In The Affections

Author: Robert B. White
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Ecclesiastes and Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians: The Sun also Rises—
from the familiar quotation. ... the writing of the story. The title came last, just as
Hemingway said it did.3 There is one other title to which Hemingway gave
serious consideration: "The Lost Generation, A Novel." It appears in the eighth
notebook immediately following his title list. ... The garage owner says about the
generation of mechanics who came out of the war years, "They are all a
generation perdu.

The Teacher And American Literature

Author: National Council of Teachers of English
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Their comments on each other have been both amusing and significant:
Hemingway said he wished he had the management of Faulkner's talent;
Faulkner said (and interviewers hounded him about it for years afterward) that
Hemingway ranked ... Hemingway, in a familiar and often quoted passage in
Death in the Afternoon, explained his early interest in bullfighting by saying, I was
trying to write then and I found the greatest difficulty, aside from knowing truly
what you really felt, rather ...

Ernest Hemingway

Author: Jeffrey Meyers
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113472327X
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Eventually we get a clue as to why he has been sentimentalizing his marriage
into the worst kind of 'brave and true' Hemingwayesque idyll. At the end of the
book ... Little of the rest of the book is less than best Hemingway. There is some
of his ... He attempts to laugh at it, saying that in their poverty they looked down
on the rich; but the dominant tone here, as in his whole life, is a belief in an
aristocracy of the chivalrous, aswirl in a sea of cowards and cheapjacks. But after
these lesser ...

Ford Madox Ford S Cosmopolis Psycho Geography Fl Nerie And The Cultures Of Paris

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des Lilas and the statue of Marshal Ney all figure prominently in Hemingway's
geography of Paris. In The ... but he did not meet Ford until February 1924, when
he returned from Toronto, where he had spent the previous six months. Ford
gives a fictionalized account of their first meeting in It Was the Nightingale, but
there's an authentic ring to the words he quotes Pound as saying when
introducing Hemingway and recommending him as a sub-editor for the
transatlantic review: 'He's an ...

The New Yorker

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President Johnson says: "I urge all Americans to give BOOKS USA their
generous support. ... J articles that Hemingway contributed to the Toronto Star (
1920-23), Esquire (1933-36), the North American Newspaper Alliance (1937-39),
PM and Colliers (1941-44), and Look, True, and Holiday (1949-56) on such
subjects as the aftermath of the First World War, the Spanish Civil War, the
Second World War, and ... (Hemingway himself didn't think so: "No one has any
right to dig this stuff up.