The Missouri Review

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Everyone kids me about never making any money. You know, now that I have all
these offers to do my memoirs, I think I'll tell Bill Shawn that I think he ought to
send me a check for fifteen dollars because if I wrote ninety-two letters to Tynan ...

Until The Final Hour

Author: Traudl Junge
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780225369
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And when I'm an old man I'll write my memoirs, surround myself with clever,
intellectual people and never see any more officers. They're all stubborn and
thickheaded, prejudiced and set in their ways. My two old secretaries will be with
me, ...

Beach Music

Author: Pat Conroy
Publisher: Dial Press
ISBN: 0307804739
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A Novel Pat Conroy. "It's important to know where you've come from," Capers
said. "Why? ... "You're the unhippest, uncoolest kid 1 ve ever met. man." Jordan
said, appraising ... "This course'll help me when I write my memoirs. Jewboy in
the ...


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I never saw any reason why a young woman shouldn't dare to sit right down on a
curb. ... I'll never retire. And I'll never write my memoirs. All this * and tell-revolting.
The other day ! was out here in Fenwick digging around, trying togetso" ...

Spqr Ix The Princess And The Pirates

Author: John Maddox Roberts
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429908378
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“But we've never met personally. I've heard you speak many times in the Senate
and on the Rostra, General, but in the years when I've been in office you've
usually been off with the ... Perhaps I'll write my memoirs, like Sulla and Lucullus.

Real Time

Author: Amit Chaudhuri
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 178074644X
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If she can write her memoir, I thought, so can I. For who would have thought,
Shobha De least of all, that one day she would ... She had been an ordinary, if
beautiful, girl who got recruited (as she says) from a middleclass home into
modelling, never particularly interested in studies (I was ... arrive at the world of
writing—and Shobha De's transformation has been one of the most unexpected
in my lifetime.

The Seduction Of Water

Author: Carol Goodman
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780345463500
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When she stayed at the hotel she could hear your mother typing in the room
above hers, and it drove her crazy— she was convinced that she was writing
about the ... That was very unprofessional, she said and then she told me she
was prepared for whatever I might write in my memoir. ... I know it sounds kind of
crazy—and I'll never know for sure—but I think that's why she called it The
Selkie's Daughter.

Celebrity Lies

Author: Boze Hadleigh
Publisher: Barricade Books Incorporated
ISBN: 9781569802458
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The : paper then ran what is often credited as the first-ever interview with a □
movie "star," accompanied by several photos of ... "I'll never write my memoirs, I'm
too busy livin and lovin' it up I got a perfect right to sue anybody that tries to write
a ...

Shadow Blizzard

Author: Alexey Pehov
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429933100
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All right, it's a long story, maybe someday I'll write my memoirs, and then you'll
know all the details. The grassy path rustled under our feet ... I thought there
would never be an end to these accursed bushes. But what really annoyed me
was the ...