I Think I Scared Her Growing Up With Psychosis

Author: Brooke Katz
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I found refuge from the voices by cutting myself to see the blood. This is a habit that has been almost impossible for me to stop. In the seventh grade I threatened my friends and teachers by writing anonymous threat notes.

Psychotic States In Children

Author: Alex Dubinsky
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 9781855759015
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... to distract herself from her sad feelings, and that we both knew that when she
filled up her mind with these bottom-thoughts it was hard for her to think of
anything else. ... I said she was afraid of the part of her that creates muddle and

Manic Depressive Psychosis Through The Eyes Of The Beholder

Author: Priscilla Sendelbach
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595382851
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Being drugged and everyone in green and wearing masks and hats, I couldn't
see her. The doctor arrived ... I flat out told him there would be no operation
without the nurse I had grown so close to and trusted so much. ... Her smile lit up
the whole room. Yes ... They scared him. But, he ... I explained to him I didn't feel I
really needed to be there, but, for some reason, he assured me it was the right

Universals Of Psychoanalysis In The Treatment Of Psychotic And Borderline States

Author: Henri Rey
Publisher: Free Assn Books
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Somewhere during this exchange Eva had said that her mother was not all bad,
she had her good sides, especially patience; she had ... Then I said that during
the week I had had a thought that the group was a mother, a mummy, a real
mummy. We had seen that they were afraid to recover the memory of their illness
and of their past; to speak about it would be to fall ill again. ... It was as if they had
to be born or reborn in the group, and then to grow up in a different way, a better

Rising Tide

Author: Claudette Melanson
Publisher: Claudette Melanson
ISBN: 1495373304
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My mother had always bordered on psychotic overprotection. I understood her
worry, what with my lack of social skills and peculiar ailments, but since I was
getting older, I was enjoying such newfound freedom. I didn't know what ... Maybe
she could see I was growing up, and finally realized I'd grown more capable of
making decisions for myself. Or she ... I feigned being scared so I could cuddle
into Ron's warm chest more closely, but vampires didn't really scare me. I thought
they ...

Depression And Human Existence

Author: Elwyn James Anthony
Publisher: Little Brown
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It sounds funny now, but it was never funny when I was growing up. Here we
have a description of a child's reaction to the alternating psychosis and the way
she and her siblings were sucked into the ... Then it stops suddenly and
everything is quiet and dark, and you feel just as scared because you don't know
what is happening, you only know it's very quiet and dark. ... This is why I think
dreams are real.

Projective Identification In The Clinical Setting

Author: Robert Waska
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135444455
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I said, ``You want me to tell you what I think of you. You grew up with a father you
wanted to be close to and get inside and understand who he was. ... You want to
know how I feel about you, but you are worried I am blocking you as well. ... After
a long silence she began associating to memories of her childhood and her
desires to be close to her father. ... One paranoid, psychotic patient was so
anxious about not getting a handshake from me at the end of each hour that she
alternated ...

Letters To Sartre

Author: Simone de Beauvoir
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1611454980
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And it's also, psychologically, Bienenfeld's reflection upon what might be called
her character: her masochism (which she ... At times, she really looked quite mad
– bottling things up, anxious, but with moments of repressed tenderness and
mute ... And then, that kind of reasonable, controlled, intelligent psychosis is far
more appealing – and almost contagious ... But I am afraid of her growing

Dynamic Psychotherapy

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A mechanism helpful to the therapist has been conceptualized: This is for the
therapist to think of him/herself in the place of the baby, ... However, she typically
sees herself as unable to do so, or is afraid of her inadequacy in mothering. ...
She felt it was an indication that the baby would be psychotic when he grew up.
In fact ...

The Psychoanalytic Study Of The Child

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Well, it isn't that she's scared, yes, she is scared of getting married, because she's
afraid that her husband might then not really love her, that he might just have ... (T
.:) Well, because when you grow up ... it isn't hard to grow up, that I think it's easy
to grow up, ... boy friends. I'll bet all the boy friends in the world would look at
them, but they wouldn't mind PUPPET PLAY OF A PSYCHOTIC ADOLESCENT