Let S Play Diggers

Author: Alfie Clover
ISBN: 9781846668272
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Colourful images and detailed scenes make these titles both informative and fun! Children will love placing the magnetic play pieces onto the pages of these books, and then store them neatly in the handy compartment, ready for next time.

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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Funny Face

Author: Rich
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440227667
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... 113 Dagwood, 28, 29, 112, 115 Davis, Jim, 102 Davy Crockett, 23, 31 De Luxe
Game Corporation, 15, 69, 70, 71, 108 De Luxe Junior Doctor Kit, 18 De Luxe
Reading Corporation, 78 Deb-U-Teen, 46 Dennis the Menace, 51 Digger the
Dog, ... Let's Play activity sets, 18, 41, 48, 52, 64 Levine, Don, 79, 94 Life, 10, 19,
41–43, 72 Lik-M-Aid, 62 Lionel Corp., The, 43 Little Tot Toy Company, 15 Lone
Ranger, 20 Loony-Kins, 46, 109 Mackowski, Leonard, 21, 22 Magnetic Change-A
-Face, ...

Let The Lions Roar

Author: Andrea Ross
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On October 31,1 940, The Suburban Magnet ran an article called "Your Friends
at the Zoo," by Archie Schonemann, about the particularly pugilistic kangaroo. "
Sunday the attendance was 1 8,567. The crowd was attracted by the fight staged
between a kangaroo and a man — the kangaroo being one Digger, and the man,
Lindsay Fabre, trainer of the 'roo. The bout consisted of 3 ... duty punches, he had
acquired the unhappy faculty of bringing his teeth into play." Left: Kangaroos ...

Live Robots

Author: Rudy von Bitter Rucker
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The three boppers totally lost control of their movements as the strong magnetic
field wiped their circuits. The two diggers twitched and writhed like the two halves
of a snake cut in half, and Vulcan's feet beat a wild tarantella. Sta-Hi's Happy
Cloak went black, and a terrible numbness began spreading from it into his brain.
... Sta-Hi let himself fall to the ground, too, playing possum. The funny thing was
that the robot remotes seemed relatively unaffected by the intense magnetic


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Watchman : Clown : Watchman : Postman : Clown : Watchman : Clown : Grave-
digger : Watchman : Clown : Watchman : Postman : Grave-digger : Postman :
Gown : Watchman : Clown : Postman : Clown : Watchman Clown Watchman
Postman ... Clown Postman If it is for humanity I'm ready to be blind-folded.
Please do that to me. I've seen too much of this colourful, magnetic and illogical
world. I say, why shouldn't all of us blind ourselves? Let's all be blind-folded.
That's indeed fair.

The Australian Journal

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And listen, my bold boy, if you play any tricks, I'll ship you back to Sydney to see if
the voyage will improve your memory. ... Let us go to bed." CHAPTER XV. AT
THE STOCKADE. The morrow dawned bright and clear, and the Commander- in-
Chief of the Army of the League delivered his report to 12,000 men of all nations
and creeds. A platform had been erected on ... was the cry ; and snatching up
arms from their tents, the diggers hurried to the scene of the previous day's

Halliwell S Film Guide

Author: Leslie Halliwell
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780062733726
Size: 31.42 MB
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Fascinating primitive musical that includes the songs Tiptoe Through the Tulips'
and 'Painting the Clouds With Sunshine'. w Robert Lord play The Gold Diggers
by Avery Hopwood d Roy del Ruth ph Barney McGill, Ray Rennahan m/fy Al ...
Aline MacMahon, Ruby Kecler, Dick Powell, Guy KJbbee, Ned Sparks, Ginger
Rogers, Clarence Nordstrom 'It sums up what is meant by the phrase "pure
thirties": electrically wired chorus girls singing "In the Shadows Let Me Come and
Sing to ...

Business Week

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"UR" sound films £ two ideas to work in its new magnetic (2) the £ the finest in
16mm projectors and *gnetic stri and savings of magnetic recording. Using a | "d
your ow P", applied to film, this new projector lets you "mplete so £ to new or old
films—lets you make a track at an und film for less than $1,000. Change your
sound singlefil *time. Play it back instantly. Use it to make a "talk to various
audience levels. - - "------- *NP for these informative Booklers Write: - - RCA
Engineering ...