The Liberal Party And The Economy 1929 1964

Author: Peter Sloman
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198723504
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Mitchell, Ashley, Memoirs ofa Fallen Political Warrior (1974). Mitchell, B. R., and
Deane, Phyllis, Abstract of British Historical Statistics (Cambridge, 1962).
Moggridge, D. E., British Monetary Policy, 1924–1931: The Norman Conquest of
$4.86 (Cambridge, 1972). Morgan, Kenneth O., Consensus and Disunity: The
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The Life and Times of Thomas Balogh: A Macaw among Mandarins (Brighton,

Eyewitness To Power

Author: David Gergen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074321949X
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Twice he has fallen from grace; once he has come back. After voters turned
Democrats out of Congress in the off-year elections of 1994—in effect, a negative
referendum on the ... When Clinton faces political adversity, he switches into his
politician mode . . . he becomes an astute and acute political warrior,” Morris
writes in his insightful memoir, Behind the Oval Office. As energizing as the
Morris period and the reelection were, they also left a deep residue of trouble in
Clinton's second ...

The Happy Warrior

Author: Donald MacDonald
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 155488327X
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Political Memoirs Donald MacDonald ... The unstated, though indisputable,
objective of federal agricultural policy was to cut farm production to where it
would not greatly exceed domestic need, thus removing embarrassing political
and economic problems of surpluses (despite a world where two-thirds of the
people go to bed hungry every night). “The chief result of the Diefenbaker farm
legislation,” 1 said, “will be to perpetuate the depressed income into which
agriculture has fallen.

Memoirs Of The Military And Political Life Of Napoleon Bonaparte

Author: Barry Edward O'Meara
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At this awful moment, amidst warriors who fell on every side of him, the first
consul, unmoved, seemed to brave death, and to be near it ; the bullets being
observed repeatedly to tear up the ground beneath his horses feet. Alarmed for
his safety, the officers around him exhorted him to retire, exclaiming that "if he
should be killed, all would be lost." Even Berthier addressed him to this effect. But
the hero of Lorii and Areola could not retire from the " field of death," which
seemed his ...

The Anti Warrior

Author: Milt Felsen
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 9781587290619
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A Memoir Milt Felsen. self-determination and be given an area in the South
where they are a majority, to be ruled by them as an independent Negro area." "
They already have a ghetto in Harlem, so why do they want another one?" After a
pause. "Don't nice girls ever go to any of those meetings ... But I haven't fallen in
love with anyone. If I do, fine, I'll get married, providing she feels the ... Politics
was on my mind a lot more than love. As we "radicals" had predicted, the fall of
Spain in ...

Unconventional Warrior

Author: Walter Morris Herd
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476601526
Size: 32.49 MB
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Memoir of a Special Operations Commander in Afghanistan Walter Morris Herd.
ing and then defending our freedom had paid the ultimate price. Like many
Americans I believed that those fallen warriors of the past wars bought the
freedom that the rest of us enjoy. I realized, after seeing several great Americans
pay that price, that we ... are the recollections of this veteran each Memorial Day.
32. Political Correctness Warfare is ultimately a string of decisions 176
Unconventional Warrior.