No Tears For Old Scratch

Author: Ken Wohlrob
Publisher: Bully Press
ISBN: 0692219102
Size: 50.12 MB
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"If you’re looking for redeeming qualities in a main character, actually any character, stay away from Ken Wohlrob's No Tears for Old Scratch. A biting satire, a meditation on good and evil, a foot up your a**, take your pick.

Songs Of Vagabonds Misfits And Sinners

Author: Ken Wohlrob
Publisher: Ken Wohlrob
ISBN: 0615402666
Size: 23.53 MB
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From the author of THE LOVE BOOK, a collection of gritty tales set in New York City, a town full of characters who are as out of place in their own skins as they are in the ever-evolving neighborhoods they call home.

The Love Book

Author: Ken Wohlrob
Publisher: Bully Press
ISBN: 0615171427
Size: 38.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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These are very modern fables, with a great heart, a very biting sense of humor, and fully-fleshed out characters that you can sink your teeth into. Hear the audio version at

Ruby Slippers Golden Tears

Author: Ellen Datlow
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497668581
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As the light from the fire grew stronger, Billy saw that he was no longer alone in
the room. Standing in the corner was an ogre. He was taller than Billy even
though his back was ... “Old Scratch put me in command of the ghosts and ghouls
that haunt this house more than thirty years ago. Up until now there ain't been a
soul that survived the first night! Why, if the hellhounds ... you laughing about, boy
? Can't you see I'm going to kill you?” “That's a good 'un!” chortled Billy, wiping a
tear from.

Memoirs Of Thomas Hollis

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No LXXXIX. An (abusive) Elegy on the death of ALGERNoN SIDNEY, Esq. who
was found guilty of High Treason, and beheaded at Tower-Hill, on Friday the 7th
of December, 1683. - WONDER not, Reader, if you here descry Satyr usurp the
place of Elegy : No deep-fetch'd sighs, no tears, nor mournful verse, Must e'er
attend an old rebellious herse: Traytors, like stately tapers set on high, Blaze for a
while, then dwindle, stink, and die. Th'apostate angel, since from heaven he fell, ...

No Tears For The Crocodile

Author: Paul L. Potous
Size: 55.59 MB
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Ruddy was so much more beautiful than his wife and offspring, for she was drab
and the little cockbirds were not yet old enough to have their full plumage,
although red was beginning to shew on their breasts and under their tails. For
some days Ruddy was suspicious of me and ... It did not scratch as a chicken
does with alternate legs, but hopped a few inches into the air and, as it landed,
both tiny feet pushed aside a few grains of the sand. They were so human in
making things more ...

And Other Tirades

Publisher: Chris G. Simmons
ISBN: 1424320879
Size: 19.18 MB
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A DESPERATE GULP OF AIR me solace good and here already but craving one
as others too may be my brain with pants hiked up to knees walking through
muck of insecurity cant wash feet wash self then look round at self scared of who
not what i am and what she sees cant tell if im real yet but the knowledge of my
temporary existence helps all but never quells pain in gut some call butterflies but
i call pain love fear in a tight ball glowing burning thought it was my soul but only
a ...

Earth Honoring Faith

Author: Larry L. Rasmussen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199986843
Size: 14.82 MB
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How do we do it with our neighbors, all our neighbors—human and
otherthanhuman—when Earth is “hot, flat and crowded”5 and borders and walls
no longer protect? Where do we turn when we discover that the religion we have
lived ... The old wineskins do not hold, the old cloth tears (Luke 5:33–39). A new
era of responsibility asks for new capacities to devise ... There is no scratch to
start from in a world long underway. This is not about beginning, but rebeginning.
And traditions of ...

No Tears For The Dead

Author: Rae Foley
Size: 47.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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They would be questioned separately later on, and were to hold themselves in
readiness for the inquest which would be held the next morning. Several times
Alan picked up the half-empty bottle of Bourbon and each time he set it down
again, untouched. This was no time to let the old escape mechanism get working.
He needed all the clear-headedness he could summon. Lunch had been a
scratch affair, for the household was completely demoralized. The afternoon
seemed endless.

Victorian Review

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BY AN OLD SAILOR. No. I.-—Gunmvwrcn HOSPITAL. Ay, there it is :--the grand
depository of human fingments,—the snug harbour for docked remnants,-
Greenwich Hospital! Who is there that has stood upon that fine torme, when the
calm of ... with tears at parting. Who is there that has not exalted in the scene,
when the proud ship has spread her canvass t0 the breeze to carry forth the
produce of our country to distant lands ? or when n'tuming to her own home
shores, laden with the ...