Principals Matter

Author: Mavis G. Sanders
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 141296041X
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Reframing mental health in schools and expanding school reform. Educational
Psychologist, 33, 135–152. Amato, P., & Rivera, F. (1999). Paternal involvement
and children's ... Principal Leadership, 7(3), 22–25. Astone, N., & McLanahan, S.
(1991). Family structure, parental practices and high school completion. ... R., &
Deslandes, R. (2005). Motivation of parent involvement in secondary-level
schooling. Journal of Educational Research, 98(3), 164–175. Beyers, J. M., Bates
, J. E., ...

Principal Matters

Author: William D. Parker
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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This book will equip you with the tools you'll need to face the frustrations you're sure to encounter as an educator, while enabling to you find renewed purpose and meaning as you influence your students to be the best they can be.

Canadian Criminal Cases Annotated

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Series of Reports of Important Decisions in Criminal and Quasi-criminal Cases in
Canada Under the Laws of the Dominion and of the Provinces Thereof, with
Special Reference to Decisions Under the Criminal Code of Canada, 1892, in All
the Provinces : with Annotations, a Table of Cases Cited and a Digest of the
Principal Matters. on the basis that the social interest in controlling the accused's
behaviour outweighs that of controlling police behaviour. There may be other
categories ...

The Innovative School

Author: Shlomo Sharan
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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from the project staff will continue to assist school personnel once a week during
the third stage. The instructional and organizational processes of change have
not yet reached a stage of institutionalization. Hence, school personnel — the
principal, subject-matter coordinators, and teachers — will continue to need the
injection of energy and motivation from their consultant in order to maintain the ...

Messaging Matters

Author: William D. Parker
Publisher: Solution Tree
ISBN: 9781945349096
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In Messaging Matters: How School Leaders Can Inspire Teachers, Motivate Students, and Reach Communities, experienced educator and administrator William D. Parker articulates what a significant role school leaders play as chief communicators ...

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

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If there were no question of an increased sentence, I agree that it would not
matter. But an increased sentence because of racial motivation must, in fairness,
be decided by a jury. That seems to be so self-evident that I find difficulty in
dealing with the objections to it. At first, Ministers and others told the Select
Committee that a racially motivated offence of violence might prevent conviction
because, although the principal matter of violence may be proved, if the racial
motivation was not ...

Building Type Basics For Office Buildings

Author: A. Eugene Kohn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Today, however, the place of work operates all hours of the day all week, and the
building it occupies may accommodate numerous other commercial, cultural, and
entertainment facilities, thus gready extending the usefulness of its common
spaces and service infrastructure, as well as expanding its role in the larger
community. ... Moreover, each building results from the personal motivation,
imagination, ... Office Building Checklist Listed below are the principal matters

The Principal S Quick Reference Guide To School Law

Author: Dennis R. Dunklee
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412925940
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Over the years, judicial interpretation of the U.S. Constitution has expanded
individual rights and interests and dramatically reshaped the relationship
between the principal and the teacher in employment matters. The following is an
overview of the major tenets of law regarding teachers' ... Aconstitutionally
protected right cannot be the substantial or motivating factor in a school board's
decision to dismiss an employee. • The exercise of a teacher's constitutional
rights to free speech or ...

How People Learn

Author: National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309131979
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This edition includes far-reaching suggestions for research that could increase the impact that classroom teaching has on actual learning.

Labor Arbitration Awards

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Discussion The principal matter at issue in this case is the Company's motivation
in suspending the Grievant. It has been alleged that the true motivation for
discipline was not to pe nalize the Grievant for having, allegedly, left work early
without permission but, instead, to penalize him for reporting an unsafe working
condition—or a condition which he perceived to be ... Article XVI, Section 3, of the
Union's Constitution and By-laws purports to expand somewhat on that exception