Small Sweet Bitter

Author: Duncan Campbell
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Every kitchen and pastry chef will want a copy of this slim volume but you don't need to be part of the industry to enjoy these marvellous little poems.Do yourself a favour: keep a copy of this anthology by your bed and read the verses ...

Insights To The Daf Maseches Eruvin

Author: Kolel ʻIyun ha-daf (Jerusalem)
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
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They are exempt from Ma'aser when they are fully grown because they have
become bitter and are no longer edible. Conversely, sweet almonds are
obligated in Ma'aser when they are fully grown, and are exempt when they are
small. Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yosi said in the name of his father, "Zeh v'Zeh
Liftor" — "this and this to exempt," while others quoted him as saying, "Zeh v'Zeh l'
Chiyuv" — "this and this to obligate." The Gemara quotes Rebbi Chanina who
ruled like the first ...

A Head Start On Science

Author: William C. Ritz
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Investigation: Observing and tasting foods that are salty, sour, sweet, or bitter
Process Skills: Observing, comparing, classifying, communicating Materials: Salty
tortilla chips, small pickle slices, green apple, lime or lemon slices, dried fruit or
canned pineapple, small paper plates. Per child: One small cup of water. (
CAUTION: Make sure that the area is sanitized prior to placing food out for
consumption.) Procedure: Getting started: Give each child two of the following:
salty tortilla chips, ...

Greatest Kan And Li

Author: Mantak Chia
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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In small amounts, this sweet/bitter combination supports the spleen. The bitter
flavor also affects the small intestine and has some antihelminthic (worm-
destroying) properties. Like most fruits, apples are cooling. They are both sweet
and sour and hence affect the spleen and liver. With their malic and tartaric acids,
apples are good for indigestion. The pectin found in apples can apparently
chelate heavy metals and also has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol.46
Watermelon is very ...

English Riddles From Oral Tradition

Author: Archer Taylor
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The first Rumanian riddle cited is exceptional, in that it has the contrast "bitter:
sweet" only. Riddles mentioning colors are cited in the note to Nos. 1273, 1274;
those mentioning something prickly or rough in the note to No. 1276. See
German: Wossidlo, 219a (sma\l, high; bitter), 2196 (high, broad; bitter, sweet);
Haffner, 31 (high, little; bitter). Swiss: Rochholz, 392 (high, low; hard, small; bitter,
sweet); Zahler, Munchenbuchsee, 281 (high, small; bitter, sweet). Latin: Reusner,
ed. 1602, pp.

Politeia In Greek And Roman Philosophy

Author: Verity Harte
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Aristo— tle, who knew Alcmaeon's book,49 says that according to Alcmaeon '
most human things come in twos', but that the contraries posited by him are '
haphazard, not determinate, such as white black, sweet bitter, good bad, large
small'.5O Apart from good/bad and large/small the examples given coincide with
the 'affective qualities and affections' listed at Aristotle, Cate— gories 8.9a28—31:
'sweetness and bitterness and sourness and all that is related to these, and
further ...

Fault Location On Power Networks

Author: Murari Mohan Saha
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Fuzzy logic (FLog), unlike the traditional two-values crisp logic, determines
relations between objects and events rather by soft (fairly big – relatively small,
sweet enough – almost unsweetened) than unambiguous (big – small, sweet –
bitter) qualifications. So these relations are defined by description of a grade of
similarity, membership or on the basis of approximation [337]. FLog provides 364
9 Artificial Intelligence Application. Expert measurement Evaluation of the rules
Knowledge ...

Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet

Author: Jamie Ford
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Putting his umbrella away, and ignoring the fine Seattle mist, he opened his
wallet and took out a small white envelope. On the front was the Chinese
character for Lee—Ethel's last name for the last thirtyseven-plus years. Inside had
been a piece of hard candy and a quarter. The small envelopes were passed out
as he left the Bonney-Watson Funeral Home, where Ethel's memorial service had
been held. The candy was so that everyone leaving would taste sweetness—not

Healing With The Herbs Of Life

Author: Lesley Tierra
Publisher: Crossing Press
ISBN: 0307814378
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The various energies and tastes of herbs are assimilated into the body to nourish
different Organs; the pungent taste is absorbed by the Lungs and large Intestine;
the salty taste by the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder; the sour taste by the |.iver' and
Gallbladder; the bitter" taste by the Ilean and Small Intestine; and the sweet taste
by the Spleen and Stomach. 'I'he tastes may be used therapeutically. A small
amount of a taste strengthens its corresponding Organs, whereas too much of the

Sweet Honey Bitter Lemons

Author: Matthew Fort
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429995023
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When we got in there was a small group of people waiting on the slipway in the
shade, customers, controlled by a single shavenheaded fisherman. “We sell
direct to consumers, said Carmelo with a smile. Other fishermen had been before
us. There was a small plastic bowl of silvery anchovies. Carmelo looked at them. '
Not good, he said. 'Few and small and not good quality. Our fish were decanted
into deal boxes, which allowed the water to drain away. The catch filled three of
them ...