Southern Ruby

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Amanda's arrival sparks revelations long buried: a double life, a forbidden love, and a loss that cannot be forgotten. Southern Ruby is a sweeping story of love, passion, family and honour.

Early Cretaceous Mafic Magmatism In The Southern Ruby Terrane Central Alaska

Author: Jesse Michael DeCarlo
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Because the Ruby batholith was emplaced during the waning stages of the
continent-island arc collision, the petrogenesis of the Ruby batholith is an
important key to understanding the geologic history of the region. So far, however
, there has been no generally accepted model to explain all of the observations
and data. The Kokrines Hills, located in the southern Ruby terrane just north of
the Kaltag fault (Figures 2, 4), offer unique insight into the geology of the region
because they ...

Bald Mountain Gold Mine Expansion Project White Pine County Elko County

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Southern Ruby Valley: Southern Ruby Valley is a closed basin containing
Franklin Lake at the north end and Ruby Lake at the southern end. North of
Franklin Lake and north of the ridge separating southern Ruby Valley from the
northern two-thirds of Ruby Valley, the Franklin River flows northward and drains
the central axial zone of Ruby Valley. Alluvial sediments in southern Ruby Valley
are up to 200 to 600 feet thick. These gravels and sands with interbedded
volcanics and ...

U S Geological Survey Professional Paper

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by Harrill and others (1988) in that their system includes all of Ruby Valley and
the northern third of Butte Valley. Simulated ground-water flow in the Ruby
subregion is from the adjacent Ruby and Butte Mountains to the floor of southern
Ruby Valley (fig. 33). Simulated inflow to the subregion totals 34,000 acre-ft/yr, of
which only 14,000 acre-ft/yr is from recharge assigned to cells in the upper model
layer (table 6)—the rest is subsurface flow from adjacent subregions and regions.

Regional Ground Water Evapotranspiration And Ground Water Budgets Great Basin Nevada

Author: William D. Nichols
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The earlier discussion of the marsh area of southern Ruby Valley concluded that
about 22,000 acre-ft/yr of ground water is evapotranspired from the 14,600 acres
of marshland. This is in addition to the estimated ground-water
evapotranspiration of 145,000 acre-ft/yr from non-marsh vegetation in Ruby
Valley, for a total estimated ground-water evapotranspiration of 167,000 acre-ft/yr
(table C17). This exceeds the estimated recharge of 146,000 acre-ft/yr from
precipitation by 21,000 ...

Nacht Ber Dem Bayou

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James Lee Burke ist "der Superstar der amerikanischen Kriminalliteratur!

Riparian Community Type Classification For Humboldt And Toiyabe National Forests Nevada And Eastern California

Author: Mary E. Manning
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Secret Pass separates the East Humboldt Range from the northern Ruby
Mountains; Harrison Pass divides the northern and southern Ruby Mountains.
The southern Ruby Mountains are geologically and floristically distinct from the
north Ruby-East Humboldt Complex. Simple structure and stratigraphy typical of
most eastern Great Basin ranges is prevalent south of Harrison Pass. Howard (
1966; cited in Loope 1969) noted that the Paleozoic sequence of carbonate rocks
(limestone ...

Geological Survey Research 1967

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Lower Paleozoic rocks in the southern Ruby Mountains, northeastern Nevada,
have undergone two periods of tight folding that did not affect the middle and
upper Paleozoic rocks of the range. The two structural terranes are separated by
a surface of discontinuity interpreted to be an angular unconformity. Stratigraphic
evidence indicates that the Lower Paleozoic deformation, which was
accompanied by at least some regional metamorphism and plutonism, took place
between Early ...

Geological Survey Professional Paper

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Abundant biotite-quartz schist occurs in the southern part of the unit's exposure.
In the north part of the Ruby Mountains this unit includes abundant concordant
and crosscutting gneissic granite and foliated biotite granodiorite and quartz
monzonite intrusive rocks thought by Howard (1966, p. 138, 139) to be of
Mesozoic age. One sill-like body, now called a quartz monzonite gneiss (Howard,
1966, p. 45–48) persistently occurs within the marble and has metamorphosed
much of it to ...