Tartans And Trysts

Author: Victoria Roberts
ISBN: 9781540722799
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Sorcha Gunn has realized the error of her ways and wants to make amends for everything she's done.

Temptation In Tartan

Author: Suz deMello
Publisher: Dunster Way Books
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“Desire isn't enough.” She'd desired William, and her marriage bed had been
either empty of her husband or the scene of brief trysts devoid of pleasure. She
wouldn't be seduced by a handsome stranger. What for? “Please.” He asked, but
then he took. His mouth felt cool on hers but with a touch of fire beneath. That fire
raced through her, igniting parts of her she hadn't known could feel such heat,
such rapture. She gasped again from sheer surprise, and something intruded
between ...

From Tartan To Tartanry

Author: Ian Brown
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748664653
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Gaelic was put aside, the society's name changed to 'the Highland Society of
London' and, after 1783, the Falkirk Tryst competitions stopped patronage of
Gaelic poetry. After some founding members failed to reestablish the use of
Gaelic, they formed an alternative organisation.21 The society's agenda turned to
tartan. In 1782, members promoted a Parliamentary bill to repeal the Disarming
Act.22 An effort to collect samples of tartan from old Highland families was
initiated in 1815, ...


Author: Brian Wilton
Publisher: Aurum PressLtd
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Crieff 1636 Well known to Rob Roy MacGregor and many of his cattle-droving
compatriots, Crieff was once the scene of the largest cattle markets (trysts) in
Scotland. On the southern edge of the Highlands, it was very much a frontier town
- as far north as fearful southern merchants dared venture and as far south as
legally vulnerable Highlanders wished to go. This tartan from Wilsons was
probably just another one of their fashion setts given the name of a popular town
to increase its ...

Enchanting The Highlander

Author: Eliza Knight
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535427104
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Five new, enchanting, Scottish romance novellas by five bestselling authors!PROTECTED BY THE LAIRD by Eliza KnightWhile on a siege, Laird Douglas Hay discovers a lass' half-frozen body.

Kilts And Kisses

Author: Victoria Roberts
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781517044329
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Since the deaths of her parents, Ceana Gunn has lived in the shadow of her uncle and his family.

Scotland S Clans And Tartans

Author: James Desmond Scarlett
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Knowing this, we can hardly afford to be sceptical of stories that cattle could
become so weak during winter that they had to be carried to the shielings; we
need not wonder either that their descendants, though small, are remarkably
hardy; but it is perhaps a little surprising that their beef should be so tender and
their milk so creamy and even that their disposition should be so gentle in spite of
a rather fierce appearance. Cattle destined for the great Lowland cattle-trysts
would set out ...

Handbook Of Clans And Tartans Of Scotland

Author: Maria Costiantino
ISBN: 9780760740002
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The last member of this family line was Major Beauchamp Urquhart who died of
his wounds in the Sudan in 1898.The arms and chiefship of the Urquharts was
dormant until 1959, when a male heir was “found” in the USA: Wilkins F. Urquhart
of Louisiana, chief of Clan Urquhart, was a descendant of 18th century Urquharts
of Braelangswell who had emigrated to America. The Urquhart tartan was
registered in 1981 by the clan chief Kenneth Tryst Urquhart.This is a slight
variation on the ...

I Loved Them First

Author: Karen Phelps
Publisher: Inspiring Voices
ISBN: 9781462403325
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Karen Phelps. Karen holding puppies from first litter. Left to right: Karenthia's
Tartan Tryst, C.D., Karenthia's Tartan Tapestry, Karenthia's Tartan Thistle. On the
ground: Cindy– Carwill's Witch of Karenthia, C.D., T.T. and Karenthia's Tartan
Tinker, C.D. - 1976 Paw Prints Metal paw print hangs from the car mirror. 36.

Traditions Of Scotland

Author: Gilbert J. Summers
ISBN: 9780859417082
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They could not be identified by tartan alone. Whatever the truth of the matter,
some pre-Culloden tartans do certainly exist and can be seen in collections today
, for example at the Scottish Tartans Museum at Comrie in Perthshire or the West
Highland Museum in Fort William. Though modern aniline dyes are widely used
in tartan manufacturing today, it is also possible to see old-style vegetable dyes
being used in small-scale tartan manufacture. This can be found at the Highland
Tryst ...