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You can trace and identify 1,142 flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, and trees,
and learn the intimate details about each — the habitat, color, markings, and
interesting life history. Trees Wild- Flowers Birds Animals Garden- Flowers
Butterflies HPHIS most popular ieri«» of Nature books is -*□ offered to you at a
popular price. Nature ... The Home and School Book Service, 112 East 32nd St.,
New York City Send for one week's free examination, the six volume set of your
Nature Library.

Book Review Digest

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It is meritoriously done. The pages are rich with a departed glamour and color."
Leo Kennedy + Bookm 70:676 F '30 600w "King Spider, with its lights and
shadows of fifteenth century life, is a work of unfailing interest, one of the ripest
fruits of recent Catholic scholarship. ... One wishes that the facts had been woven
Into a shining tapestry complete and unified, instead of being a broken prism
reflecting a prismatic radiance from a thousand separate facets. Mr. Lewis . . .
doesn't blend the ...

Ab Bookman S Weekly

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PAUL WAHL CORPORATION BOX 500 BOGOTA NJ 07603 Upstate Books (Cont'
d) Following family histories: Mixon, Bowers, Hogarth, Woods, Reed, Link, Earle,
Van Cleef, Honeyman. ... I & Vol. II. Krieger Kluger, Marilyn. Joy of Spinning.
Fireside Thomas, Will. Tramp. Vintage Press Sternberg, Dick. Freshwater
Gamefish of North America. Prentice Hall Maury. Marguerite. The Secret of Life
and Youth Virginia's Book Loft 5515 ... Coloring, Bronzing & Patination of Metals

Scientific American

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Price, in sheets, $150. Every mechanic, inventor or artizan in the United States
should have a complete set of this publication for reference. Subscribers should
not fail to preserve their numbers for binding. Nearly all the numbers of VOL. VI.
are out of FOR THE WEEK ENDING ... the denomination or value of the bill. I also
claim the combination of a '' colored figure of the scale, with the denomination
figure of the bill made of the same color, substantially as herein described.

English Mechanics And The World Of Science

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Splendid book, 80 illustrations. Post free, Is. 6d.—Mia BENTLEY PUBLisnirtti C0 (
Dept. i-L.M.), Halifax. Repairs and Replacements to any kind of Electrical and
Selentific Apparatus; Dynamos for Lighting and Accumulator Charging; Repairs
to any make of magneto or car-lighting sot.—BOTTONB AND 00., Wallingluii, ...
Strand, London. Prismatic Binoculars, all best makes, perfect condition. £6 6s.
upwards. ... course by pl'ofcssiona. Theory of colouring; sketching from nature.
10s tl'l'.ll.

Thomas Register Of American Manufacturers

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Rolls/Sheets/Fanfold. Specialty Printed Products: Prime & Process Labels/
Stickers/Decal Coupons: Static Cling; Barcoding & Numbering: Foil Stamping/
Embossing: Rolls/Sheets; Affixing. Utilizing Variety Of Materials. Short-Run,
Prototyping) .... (See Our Company Profile in volume 26) As=E our catalog TE IN
CATALOG FILE SECTION A/Y: JAMA/CA Grey Owl Indian Craft/Burde Leather
Craft, 132-05-T Merrick Blvd., P.O. Box 340468................................... 1 M+ TAGS: