The Power Of Silence

Author: Robert Cardinal Sarah
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1621641910
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In a time when technology penetrates our lives in so many ways and materialism exerts such a powerful influence over us, Cardinal Robert Sarah presents a bold book about the strength of silence.

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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Manifesto For Silence Confronting The Politics And Culture Of Noise

Author: Stuart Sim
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748631267
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Confronting the Politics and Culture of Noise Stuart Sim. answering awkward
questions by using ... the politician's disadvantage in such cases. At least in a
democracy, silence as evasion is rarely a very successful strategy to adopt – not
for any great length of time anyway.15 In a more sinister vein, however, Jaworski
points out how silence often has been used as a means of maintaining unjust
political power: 'Silence and silencing measures have been used by political
dictators and ...

The World Of Silence

Author: Max Picard
Size: 14.92 MB
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The mechanized language of the dictator is so much merely a shouting without
any real content that when a dictator invades a country, it is as though the
essential thing was not the expansion of the frontiers of the invading country but
the expansion of the shouting. The aim is to shout down, to destroy by shouting
the silence out of the foreign country, to destroy its silent reality, to throw the noise
of shouting where the silence was before. The mechanized language of the
dictator is a part ...

The New York Times Book Review

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Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, especially if it's over 85 decibels The Tyranny
of Noise By Robert Alex Baron. 294 pp. New York: St Martin's Press. $7.50. The
Fight for Quiet By Theodore Berland. 370 pp. Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice-
Hall. $8.95. In Quest of Quiet Meeting the Menace of Noise Pollution. By Henry
Still 221 pp. Harrisburg, Pa.: Stackpole Books. 16.95. A family of five against the
world Two exercises in. By DAVID CORT Long before man, noise became the
major ...

A Noise Of War

Author: A. J. Langguth
Size: 23.61 MB
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One of Cassius' ancestors had killed his son, whom he suspected of preparing to
seize power illegally. There was a story that as a child Cassius had hit Sulla's son
for bragging about the dictator's power. Cassius had confessed and said that if
the other boy repeated his boast, he'd hit him again. Cassius had planned to
back Pompey in the civil war by sailing against Caesar, but Caesar had caught
him off guard and he had surrendered. He kept his hot temper in check with his
stoical ...

The Unesco Courier

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In July 1967, the UNEsco Courier published an issue entitled “Noise pollution".
The contributors to it reported on what was then being done to halt the invasion of
noise in the modern world and to mitigate its harmful effects on the human body
and on society at large. In that issue of the Courier, ... Contributors to the present
issue bear witness, each in their own way, to the power of silence when it is the
culmination of an inner journey or a bond with others. Historian Christophe
Wondji ...

White Noise

Author: Don DeLillo
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
ISBN: 9780140274981
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Credit is a disciplinary process which extorts savings and regulates demand —
just as wage labor was a rational process in the extortion of labor power and in
the increase of productivity. ("Consumer," 49) Credit allows Jack the exercise of
auratic power, allowing a middle-class college professor to become briefly a
conspicuous consumer like the wealthy parents whose children he teaches. Not
surprisingly, Jack, the scholar of Germany's great dictator, imagines himself a
little dictator ...

Annual Register

Author: Edmund Burke
Size: 17.60 MB
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The first of these instances occurred shortly after the meeting of the Convention,
when, through inadvertence and vanity, he provoked that accusation of aspiring
to the dictatorship, which thunderstruck him, from its truth, and from the inability
he felt ... Though duly informed of the designs in agitation against him, he
neglected to station in the tribunes those multitudes whose noise and clamour
were wont to silence his adversaries, and to render ineffectual all the exertious
and powers of ...

Coptic Egypt

Author: Laila Fares
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595302491
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... more than seventy years before the smartest Russian man Mikhail Gorbatchov
reinstated religious freedom against atheism, this long period of darkness was
marked by terror and dictatorship, Churches were closed, their services were
suspended and ... The Communist Party in power was punishing very severely
any transgressions to its rules and regulations. ... A great whispering noise
emanated from the audience and the judge imposed silence, which was
immediately obtained.