The Youth S Companion

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An Illustrated Weekly Paper for Young People and the Family. mgetting those
comforts which a merciful God permits us to enjoy in this world. Man, you know,
was driven from Paradise, the garden of God, on account of his sin. He had lost
all claim to the goodness of his Maker, because he had abused his kindness and
broken through the only restraint put upon him. All was man's to enjoy. God
reserved one object only to try his obedience. His simple law was broken, and
man fell ...

The Youth S Biblical And Theological Companion In Which The Author Has Endeavoured To Explain The Principal Terms Of The Sacred Scriptures The Work Also Contains More Than Six Hundred Quotations From The Most Celebrated Poets Etc

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YOKE, s, the bandage placed on the neck of draught-oxen; (Num. xix. 2.) a mark
of servitude or slavery: (Lev. xxvi. 13.) a state of oppression: (Jer. xxviii. 2.) the
ceremonial law: (Acts xv. 10.) the precepts of Jesus Christ. (Matt. xi. 29, 30.) - In
the ordinance of the red heifer, that was to be slain under the law, for the water of
separation, it was expressly required, that she should be without spot or blemish,
and never have worn a yoke. (Num. xix. 2d & 9th.) As all the ancient institutions
were ...

The Youth S Companion

Author: Ezra Sampson
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Or, An Historical Dictionary; Consisting of Articles Selected Chiefly from Natural
and Civil History, Geography, Astronomy, Zoology, Botany and Mineralogy;
Arranged in Alphabetical Order Ezra Sampson. o w *the taro ano soul. "When the
shadow of the or | | "introsition of son, out wo ore.... LCL-isi. --" incts in China, the
nox; "t... It is . *** * * the city of Consors to to so... . . . . \"\" and the so too or n = . . . .
. . *Cairo and kry into a 2, ... . . "lowed up. In 1745 to a “s or *** - -o *ity thousand io
. won ...

The Youth S Companion Or An Historical Dictionary

Author: Ezra Sampson
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... wicked youths, of reputable families, who are sent hither by their parents and
guardians, and confined for a short time in solitary cells. .Sometimes a wife,
having a bad husband, gets him sent to the rasp-house to mend his manners.
RATTLE-SNAKE, a serpent with rattles at the end of his tail, whose bite is
poisonous, but the poison operates so slowly as to give time to procure relief:
where this snake is plenty, there are several antidotes with which almost every
family is acquainted.

Youth S Companion

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The lad providentially groaned at the instant, and the suspended instrument of
death was held aloft by the astonished parent. The lad is now a man in mature
life, and is at the head of one of the benevolent societies that adorn the age.—
Olive Leaf. —-o- The Spirit of Liberty. Soon after the close of the long French war
in Europe, a boy was standing on one of the bridges that cross the Thames at
London, with a number of small birds in a cage for sale. A sailor, who was
passing, observed ...

Youth S Pleasing Historian And Entertaining Companion Through The English History

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X3X3Xox ox;'<:3: Y O U T H 's PLEASING HISTORIAN. * A L. F. R. E. D. £71.
LFRED began his reign, A. p. 871. He was no sooner in possession of his throne,
but the Danes invaded this kingdom in such mumerous bodies, that the
inhabitants could no longer make head against them, and many families fled the
kingdom, to avoid the effe&ts of their cruelty and rapine. In this distress, Alf Red,
laying afide the appearances of royalty, disguised himself, and took fhelter in the
house of one, ...

The Ashgate Research Companion To Popular Culture In Early Modern England

Author: Dr Abigail Shinn
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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He is portrayed via contemporary stereotypes of the youth who is dangerously
influenced by romance fiction and stories of apprentices rising to power, who
embarks in courtship, who participates in ritual celebrations that permitted
juvenile misbehaviour and who instigates a communal youthful protest,
mimicking the violent raids against brothels led by youths on Shrove Tuesday in
early modern London. As Mark Burnett suggests, The Knight of the Burning
Pestle simultaneously ...

The Youth S Companion

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a. n. H. For the Companion. MY SPIDER. You little folks will think that a spider is
a very queer creature for anybody to care about, but I really had a small spider
whose doings were of great interest to me. One winter, I had a wasp that used to
come out from some hole and sit in the sun against the glass of a south window.
He tried hard to live, poor fellow, and would shake his wings and stretch out his
crooked legs to warm himself all over; but the cold was too much for him, and one

Unveiling Kate Chopin

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604737066
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Letter to the Youth's Companion. February 11, 1899. KCM. KCPP. "A Little
Country Girl" (story). February 11, 1899. CW. RMF. "Life" (poem). May 10, 1899.
DSR. CW. Letter to Herbert S. Stone. May 21, 1899. KCM. KCPP. Statement on
The Awakening. May 28, 1899. Book News 17 (July 1899), 612. KCM. KCPP.
Letter to Herbert S. Stone. June 7, 1899. KCM. KCPP. "A Little Day" (poem).
Undated, but probably 1899. KCM. KCPP. Inscription for Madison Cawein.
August 17, 1899. KCM.

Adventures In The West

Author: Susanne George Bloomfield
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803259743
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A collection of adventure stories set in the American West, originally published in The Youth's Companion and St. Nicholas, two of the most popular children's magazines at the turn of the twentieth century, captures life on the Western ...