Tuning Fork Therapy Planetary Tuning Forks

Author: Francine Milford
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About the Author Francine Milford is a state and nationally certified massage
therapist, personal trainer and Holistic Practitioner. She is the owner of the Reiki
Center of Venice, Tuning Fork Therapy®, and H2O Workouts®. She is an
inspirational teacher and continuing education provider for many National
Certifying Boards. She spends much of her time working on new therapies and
techniques, as well as on the computer updating her courses and manuals.
Francine Milford has ...

Natural Healing For Cats Dogs Horses And Other Animals

Author: Lisa Preston
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1616084618
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tuninG FoRk theRaPy Some acupressure practitioners employ tuning forks to
deliver pressure to treatment points. One animal chiropractor suggested always
using the C note tuning fork because it was the earth frequency. Called Acutonics
by one school and its practitioners, tuning fork therapy has been used post-
operatively for animals recovering from surgery, but it remains relatively
uncommon. Tuning forks are also used as a modality apart from any form of
acupressure, in hopes ...

Current Surgical Diagnosis Treatment

Author: John Englebert Dunphy
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Hearing is clinically evaluated by a careful history and physical examination that
includes tuning fork testing, whispered voice assessment, and audiometric
analysis. Because of the ... Further characterization of the type of hearing loss
requires the use of tuning forks to differentiate a conductive from a sensorineural
defect. ... The decibel is a logarithmic ratio of 2 sound pressure levels (SPL) or
intensities that are related to a reference intensity, measured in dynes per square

Current Surgical Diagnosis Treatment

Author: Lawrence W. Way
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 9780838514399
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It is important to provide masking (noise) by rubbing the tragus or hair in front of
the ear not being tested when the loud whispered level is reached. Otherwise,
sound or speech may cross over to the non- tested ear, yielding a false result.
Further characterization of the type of hearing loss requires the use of tuning
forks to differentiate a conductive from a sensorineural defect. In the Weber test,
placement of a 512-Hz tuning fork on the skull in the midline or on the teeth
stimulates both ...

Rosicrucian Digest

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"He equipped me with stereo earphones and turned up the bass to counteract the
sound of his drill. It was amazing — I felt no pain!" On a recent television show "
Psychic Phenomenon" (WOR New York), it was revealed that a tuning fork placed
at the point of acupuncture can be an effective healing tool. One of the panelists,
Dr. Irving Oyle, stated that patients who repeatedly pictured the healing process,
and anticipated the best possible outcome of their problems, were not often ...

Chemical News And Journal Of Industrial Science

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