Hello there, crafters! Cast an eye over this particular piece to Know the wonders that you can do using cricut blades.

Cricut Knife – Blade can be Utilized to reduce thicker Materials, also it’s quite a lot greater than only a crafting instrument.

Here, in this listing, we’ve cited that the Substances you are able to cut with Cricut Knife – Blades.

1. Balsa Wood
Thickness: 1/32″, 1/16″, 3/32″
§ Balsa Is Quite a soft timber, so it functions nicely for more substantial Cuts than elaborate cuts.
§ If your cuts are excessively delicate, the material can break.

2. Bass Wood
Thickness: 1/32″,” 1/16″
§ Bass Wooden gives more precise results in Contrast to Balsa Wood.
§ It Is Strongly Recommended to use Bass Wood within Balsa Wooden.

3. Cricut Chip Board
§ If you want to cut chipboards, it Is Recommended to use the Cricut’s Chipboard itself.
§ it’s going to provide you more accurate and powerful outcomes.

4. Craft Foam
Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
§ Though Cricuts are designed to reduce only 2.4Millimeter materials, you can reduce Craft Foams with a depth of 3mm.

5. Leathers
The depth to Soft Garment Leather: 2-3oz, 4-5oz
The thickness for Stiff Tooling Leather: 4-5oz, 6-7oz
§ While cutting on leathers, ensure you maintain the glistening side .

6. Matboard
Thickness: 2-ply, 4-ply
§ Matboards Arrive in ply, so you can find really high Probability of its layers Peeling off once you minimize them.
§ Like Balsa Wood, make sure to keep your cuts easy with Matboard for powerful outcomes.

Key Take-Away
All these are some of the substances Which You Can Undoubtedly use with your Cricut Knife – Blades. However, you could also experiment with different materials that appear to be closest for your Knife Blade’s capacities. Thankyou for reading!