One of the most romantic events in any woman’s life is getting a proposal from the man of his dreams. Of course, as the man who is about to propose, making it romantic, one of a kind and unique is a must. Kneeling down on your knees holding a ring may not be the most surprising and exciting wedding proposal, sure, you can still do it, but if you want to be more creative, then better.

How To Make The Wedding Proposal The Most Romantic And Memorable
To make your wedding proposal the most romantic and memorable, consider the following:
• Make everyone in the family and circle of friends involve
A wedding proposal is a chapter of woman’s life best cherished with people important to her, instead of doing it privately, make everyone in the family involve. Let them be there, share this one of a kind experience with you and let them witness a very special event in their loved one’s life.
If you want privacy, you can just have it after the proposal. There is nothing more romantic and memorable than seeing the people part of your life excited and happy in this special event in your life.
• Say it with sincerity
Okay, let us face it, proposal should only be done if you are completely ready getting married. Do not see this as a way of assuring yourself that your girl will not look for other men. It is your sincerity and genuine intentions that can make this event memorable and romantic.
You are proposing because you finally realized that the she is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Moving on, for girls who up until this moment are waiting for their men to propose, send them text chemistry, especially if the wedding proposal is long overdue.